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Edge Profiles

The different types of cut of the countertop corners are known as edge profiles. Emcar Stone Studios offers several different edge profiles to choose from, giving countertops a distinct, unique look. The edge profiles we offer include flat polish, bullnose, half bullnose, bevel edge, ogee, and chiseled.

Attention to Every Detail

Not sure what to choose? Our design consultants will help you choose the best edge profile to complement your countertop and room design. At Emcar Stone Studios, even the smallest details are taken seriously. We have a selection of product samples for clients to choose from to best suit the design style of their home or business. Edge profiles are a small detail that gives countertops a unique, finished look.

Bevel vs. Flat

The two most common edge profiles are beveled edge and flat polish. The flat polish edge is a basic corner cut that provides a bold, modern look. The bevel cut offers some character by creating a slight curve in the corner of the countertop that can be varied based on preference.

Bevel Edge corner

Flat polish corner

Full vs. Half Bullnose

The bullnose edge profile is rounded in varying degrees, similar to the bevel cut. A full bullnose cut creates a perfectly rounded edge. A half bullnose is rounded then tapers off to a straight edge. Bullnose edge profile offers a classic, attractive look.

Bullnose corner edge

Half Bullnose corner

Chiseled vs. Ogee

Ogee and chiseled edge profiles both offer a unique look to countertops. Chiseled edge profiles give a raw, natural shape, similar to untouched stone. The end result is a striking, rustic countertop with unique character. Ogee edge profiles are a mix between bevel and bullnose style that creates a smooth, gradual edge.

Chiseled corner

Ogee corner

Laminated vs. Waterfall

Waterfall edges give a beautiful, dramatic effect to your kitchen or bathroom. The stone runs all the way from the countertop to the floor just like a waterfall. A waterfall edge is sure to wow all of your guests! Laminated edges give a sharp continuation of the stone countertop around the edge of the counter, which will improve the overall look of the counter and complement a custom backsplash.

Laminated Edge

Waterfall Edge corner

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